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training cum placement

Training-Cum-Placement Program

Be Practical is a vision led company which has successfully placed 100% of its students from the campus training programs and the placement process is constantly tuned based on Industry needs and standards. These campus training programs fill the gap in a student’s career from being an average academic scorer to a sure shot candidate of choice for corporate industries. The placement team monitors the employment opportunities and arranges campus recruitment process interviews for the final year students and also provides internship opportunities for pre-final year students. This course can be taken up by students of B.Tech (and BCA, MCA), Management (BBA, MBA, PGDBM etc.) in the pre-final and final year (at least two months before the placements starts).

The campus training includes developments in all spheres so as the candidate is ready to enter into the corporate world. They need to have skills compatible with the requirements of the industry.


Technical skill: This includes sessions on:

•    Oracle Data base
•    Unix/Linux /Solaris
•    Microsoft Office
•    Telecom Domain overview
•    SAP/People-Soft/CRM Overview
•    Cloud Computing overview
•    VLSI design
•    Programming language (Java, C, C++)

This helps align realistic goals and learn the art to achieve. The candidate also develops an adaptive attitude for a change.

Personal skill: We help students develop Self Confidence to perform and produce better results. We teach them the art of building Interpersonal Relationships and at the same time to become a team player.  The complete process makes them understand the basics of Corporate and Business Etiquette and also, help them develop the skill of Business Communication and Presentations. 

Soft skills: The ways of communication induces higher level of confidence in any candidate and raises them towards being top rated choice of employers around the globe. The program includes sessions for effective communication skills, high impact presentation skills, interpersonal and team skills, effective time management, confidence build up, and resume writing and interview skills.

Strategic planning: The dynamically changing need of the corporate world requires formally structured interactions. The candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and potentials are identified to work in a streamlined manner.

Aptitude Development: An aptitude test is the first step for most of the campus selection exams conducted by all most every recruiting company. It comprises of logical reasoning and quantitative ability. The purpose of these exams is to test how do you behave as a person under pressure and time limit (deadline to complete the task)? how analytical is your brain and how quickly it can understand the problem then draw the solution to the problem?, how good you are at time management when you have multiple problems at hand to be solved within certain time limit?.

Through our campus training programs, we help those students who really try hard to score well but settle on average or below average marks due to unknown mistakes they do. The complete process of training is a set of interactive sessions filled with focused skill grooming, discussions & participation boosters which let them overcome their shortcomings and guarantee a better future.


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