Train & Deploy

Faster resource identification, Effective placement  & Cost-effective

Talent acquisition is the most critical part of business today, and businesses need to stay ahead of the most recent recruiting trends to gain the best talent required. Be Practical finds the right candidates from different sources, trains them on the exact skill set required by the companies, and deploys them with the clients once the training is finished. This way, companies save a lot of time and money and get the resources with the exact skill set and technology for the project.  

Companies are eagerly searching for capable trainees, graduates, and professionals to start work immediately, but without investing in many resources training them. To help our clients to find a capable employee, we developed a training program, which benefits both parties. We have developed a selection program, which joins fully trained employees with a company in need of their skills and talent.   

Benefits of Hire, Train & Deploy staffing services

Faster resource identification

Hiring the right resource is a time-consuming task. Be Practical has a ready pool of candidates who have undergone processes like pre-screening, aptitude tests, interviews, etc and are ready to be deployed

Effective placement

We guarantee smooth on-boarding and final placement of candidates by taking care of processes like placement offers, salary-related formalities, etc. Since the candidate is appropriately selected and trained, there are chances that the placement will generate more ROI


Training the candidates for the specific project requires setting up infrastructure which can give them practical hands-on training. Hire, Train & Deploy service provider has a dedicated team and infrastructure to train the manpower on various skillsets and innovative technologies. This way you can save money on investing in setting up the infrastructure and team inside the organization.

Without Hire-Train-Deploy Program

Lots of interview

Many Rejections

Career failure

Failure to take responsibility

With Hire-Train-Deploy Program

Train & Hire

interview & effective training

Job confirmed + on board

Secure Job in hand

Be Practical Provides training for the Most sought-after skills

Full Stack Development Courses
  • Mean Fullstack
  • Mern Fullstack
  • Mearn Fullstack
  • Python Fullstack
  • Java Fullstack
  • Php Fullstack
  • Dot net Fullstack
Software Testing
  • Manual testing
  • Automation Testing
Cloud Computing
Digital Marketing

Hardware & Networking