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About Us

Be Practical Tech Solutions has been successful in multiple IT technologies training and placements for our students nationwide and globally for top rated companies.

Be Practical Tech Solutions is a training organization based in Bangalore and it has pioneered as a diversified entrepreneurship tapping into the necessities of internet market in India, with its in-depth understanding of customers’ or companies’ need to evolve and grow. It is one of the highly recognised training organizations of technical languages for IT sectors.

Be practical Tech Solutions was established in 2012 and everyone working here technically highly qualified trainers since its establishment. Be practical Tech Solutions team has realized the power of digital transmission and tapping the latest technologies and guiding the aspiring students for their future.

After understanding the demand from the market for various technical languages, we decided to create a formal training program and now it is well-known in the industry. With the diversified market demand, Be Practical Tech Solutions has been successfully ventured to various courses in IT, setting benchmarks as a training institute, training software development, web development, digital marketing, SEO, Hardware and Networking, Advanced cloud computing,  Java, python and other related area. With the traits like innovation, imagination and experience, it has grown and established in these branches. Be practical Tech Solutions has successfully left its footprint in the IT training field and effectively created its brand to become a best in the market.


  • Our mission is to promote a quality education by following professional and ethical standards.
  • Be Practical Tech Solutions was established with a mission to bring quality education closer to students in colleges both graduation and post-graduation and to develop skilled resources for employability in the corporate sectors.
  • In its endeavor to promote education, Be Practical Tech Solutions works towards bringing practical training in the field of software technologies to the doorstep of the students.
  • Provide comfortable and affordable fee structure for the students.
  • Our vision is to bring qualified and eligible students from all over the world to gain technical knowledge.
  • Personally, visiting and organizing seminars and workshops in various educational institutions in India & abroad.
  • Appoint qualified counsellors to guide and assist students, whenever they need help.Provide comfortable and affordable fee structure for the students.
  • Organize educational and social events with cultural activities at various places.
  • Identifying business partners for setting the campuses for colleges in India & abroad. 
  • Arrange the opportunities and job placements for qualified students.


Be practical Academia offers training in diverse domains to graduates, Be practical Academia offers training in diverse domains to graduates, during the graduation phase. These certificate courses enable students to boost their career prospects and find placement in IT industries.  After the completion of these certificate courses across many sunrise segments such as Digital and Business Analytics, the learners will future-proof themselves and remain relevant for the rapidly evolving technology marketplace. expertise in the technologies of tomorrow. At the same time, these certificate courses enable learners to acquire skills in specific industry segments, positioning them as domain specialists in these areas.

Learners can get access to our blogs and discussion platforms with experts after the course also. Our experts are answering your relevant questions; there you can get immediate solutions for your queries.

Our Job guaranteed courses help professionals to upgrade their skills and move up the corporate ladder. These career advancement programs set professionals on the path of continuous learning, helping them upgrade their skills on a consistent basis and build

Our dedicated HR team is consistently working on evaluation, HR sessions and deploying our students to companies. Be practical Tech Solutions welcomes you to join hands, get focused on what is your dream job, gain knowledge and experience needed to start a career and be successful in getting a job in top rated IT companies. We are proud of our accomplishments as best training institutes in Bangalore.

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