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Data science courses in bangalore

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Data science courses in bangalore

Data science courses in bangalore Be-Practical | Bangalore, India

Data Science - Using R or Python

Data Science - Using R or Python Data science is the field of study that combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful insights from data. Data science practitioners apply machine learning algorithms to numbers, text, images, video, audio, and more to produce artificial intelligence (AI) systems to perform tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence. In turn, these systems generate insights which analysts and business users can translate into tangible business value.

Many companies are coming to realize the importance of data science, AI, and machine learning. Regardless of industry or size, organizations that wish to remain competitive in the age of big data need to efficiently develop and implement data science capabilities or risk being left behind.


Best way to get a job for technical students

Data science is a huge subject; it takes at least 18 months to complete the course. But as per the industry demand and job openings, we have categorized few topics with Data science and customized accordingly.



Data Science with R

Data Science with Python

Data Science with Artificial Intelligence

Data Science with Machine Learning

Data Science with Natural Language Processing

Data Science with Tableau

Data Science with hadoop

Data Science with SAS

Data Science Capstone (Live Project)




Candidates from different technical or quantitative background like Engineering, Finance, Maths, Statistics, Business Management who wish to start to their career in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning skills. Programming is an essential skill to become a data scientist but one need not be a hard-core programmer to learn data science. Having familiarity with basic concepts of object oriented programming like C, C++ or Java will ease the process of learning data science programming tools like Python or R.


Training Data Science in Be Practical

we mainly focus on Data Science with Python or R. In this program, we also introduce AI, ML, DL (Deep Learning) and big data analytics. We will be covering few parts of big data. This is about 87 to 90 hours program. If the students want to go for advanced level of AI and DL, then we extend 30 hours more. We focus on Python or R coding, Statistics, Data interpretation, Data visualizations, Machine Learning, Build ML algorithms and Real algorithms, Data transformation, Data imputation, Data preparation and Hands in real life algorithms, these are all mainly considered because of job market and openings.




What is data science?

Data science provides meaningful information based on large amounts of complex data or big data. Data science, or data-driven science, combines different fields of work in statistics and computation to interpret data for decision-making purposes.

What is a data science course?

Data science can be defined as a blend of mathematics, business acumen, tools, algorithms and machine learning techniques, all of which help us in finding out the hidden insights or patterns from raw data which can be of major use in the formation of big business decisions.

Who can learn data science?

Programming is an essential skill to become a data scientist but one need not be a hard-core programmer to learn data science. Having familiarity with basic concepts of object oriented programming like C, C++ or Java will ease the process of learning data science programming tools like Python and R.

Do data scientists code?

The answer is yes. Data scientists, for the most part, they're able to code. ... If they have a data engineer or a machine learning engineer, that can help them put their code in production and finalize some of the things that they're doing.


Training Process and Deployment


During the course

  • Course syllabus will be issued and briefed before starting the class.
  • Students will learn whatever the technologies required for this course.
  • Students will be monitored their progress.
  • Learners will have theory with practice throughout the course.
  • Hands on projects after completion of each technology.
  • Final project will be done end of the course.
  • Test will be conducted to then and there.
  • Course completion Certificate will be issued for every students.




After the Course

  • Evaluation will be done through mock test in our HR portal by the HR team to assess the learners capabilities in particular course.
  • Interview tips will be given to every student before sending them for interview.
  • There will be soft skill seminars and webinars, if the students required they can attend the sessions.
  • HR will send the students resumes to companies as per their requirements.
  • A student will get at least four chances to attend the interviews.
  • We conduct React JS Training for corporate offices at their locations.
  • Technical assistance will be provided after the course for few months.
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