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why software engineer has to consider the company culture as the major aspect of joining a company

why software engineer has to consider the company culture as the major aspect of joining a company

Why Software Engineer has to consider the Company Culture as the Major Aspect of Joining A Company?

Author : Alakananda

Date : December 14, 2017

Tags : Programming, Tech Company, Culture Work, Life Balance, Web Development

Company culture is the set of guidelines and behaviours which dictate how a company performs, its productivity, team behaviour and other such aspects. The company culture has its direct effects on recruitment of skilled talent and retaining talent. It also has its effects on employee satisfaction and employee engagement. Some of the reputed companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others boast of a robust and dynamic company culture and attract and retain talent because of the unmatched reputation they have got. As a software engineer, it is imperative for you to consider company culture as it has a considerable effect on your career and your work life. Some of the reasons for company culture being important for you as a software engineer are:

Work Timings

A standard 9 to 5 job for 5 days a week is preferred in most of the countries in the world since the industrial revolution. In software companies, the techies are also expected to stick to the same kind of schedule. But with a modern workforce and influx of millennial and Gen X candidates into the workforce, the vocabulary of a 9 to 5 job is fast changing. The employers understand the necessity of providing a flexible work environment with flexible work hours to their employees. This option reflects a dynamic work culture and a software engineer will look out for a dynamic work culture in a company while joining. Many times an option like ‘work from home’ once in a while will do wonders in getting your project done within stipulated time from the employees. The flexible work hours provide employees time to tend to their doctor visits, receive home deliveries, attend to car repairs and do a host of other personal works.

Hence, the software engineers should prefer a company with flexible work culture and join such a company which measures productivity on the basis of goals met but not on the basis of numbers of work hours.

Encourage Skill Development of Employees and encourage them in taking Actions

Skill development is an important aspect of career growth of a software engineer. But the majority of around 80% of the techies will consider their job as a 9 to 5 jargon and will not involve in skill enhancement activities. Nearly 20% of the employees are really interested in their skill development and indulge in activities to achieve work proficiency. The reputed software companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others invest in skill enhancement and personality development activities and have always worked for career improvement of their employees which reflects a dynamic work culture. Budding software engineers always look out for such company culture.

Software companies should also give encouragement to the employees in taking decisions and affirmative actions for the good of the company. Software engineers always look out for such independent work culture in the companies that they want to join. The techies should be allowed to lead teams, speak at technological conferences, put forward their views in meetings and should be encouraged in every possible way. Techies always look out for such a nourishing culture in their companies.

Company Policy and Working Strategy

In a software company, the testing and the quality analysis form an integral part of programming for large projects. The company should have a step by step QA process with experienced quality analysts and should have a methodical VCS cycle to debug the program effectively and ensure complete project execution. This example shows the strength of a company policy forming a part of effective company culture reflecting in increased productivity. If in the above-given scenario the QA process is absent and there is no tangible VCS cycle then the project will go into chaos giving negative results for project completion. Hence, a software engineer should cross-check with other working developers in the company for the presence of such company policies before joining them. Only such positive strategies could give work satisfaction to software engineers in a company.

Vacation Time & Work-life Balance

Software engineers who slog in front of their computers need to take vacation time for relaxing and for giving time to their family and friends. Work-life balance is ensured by a conducive work culture with ample time for vacations for the techies in a company. The software engineers have to make sure that their company provides vacation time for them with minimum days of prior intimation and should not discourage them from taking a vacation by stating deadlines and a shortage of working employees. Having an employee friendly leave policy and ability to work with minimum staff during festival seasons and holiday times when the leave applications are more is a sign of good company culture.

So we can conclude by saying that in a company with a flexible, dynamic, employee-friendly and robust company culture, a software engineer can improve his career and reach new heights. At the same time if a software engineer joins a company with a negative company culture then he will deteriorate in his career path and will reach a dead end in the professional life. Hence, make your choices with caution.

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