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starting gratitude journal needed

starting gratitude journal needed

Why have one?? in this day and age of the fast & the furious? great analogy, don't you think? also that’s one of my favorite movie series and the best of Paul Walker. This analogy feels apt to me since we are always in a fast mode in everything and furious if we get slowed down by humps along the way . We want immediate gratifications, immediate solutions. I sometimes look at people on two wheelers while coming to work, they seem to fit this analogy perfectly. They are fast and furious to reach their destinations , try to find any nook and corner to poke their noses in and be the first in line. How far can they really go? how fast?

“ Stop and smell the flowers “ expression always makes me think , what is my goal , where am I supposed to reach and check off things on my list to acquire during this life time. Why is the word stress gaining so much importance almost like Paul Walker in the series , seem to seep into my day even before I wakeup? Why don't I remember the positive things that happened yesterday? Why am I not calm at the end of the day, rather more stressed and high expectations for the next day?

According to recent research done, writing down positive events daily can trigger a sense of contentment , lower self-reported stress, make one have a level of calmness at night. Do we have the time of say 20 minutes in a day to jot down list of good things happened today? maybe like avoiding hitting a pedestrian crossing the road, or giving a 20 rupee bill to an old man at the signal, or even eating my favorite chat with my most favorite friend?

I promise you, it is worth it to start a gratitude journal. Doing it daily makes it a habit and we tend not to quit a habit.Believe me, it will not be on the list of chores of the day, but a peaceful 20 minutes to write down the good things that I can be thankful for. Gratitude will work as a balm and serves as an remedy to all our negative emotions, and protects us from our own anger, cynicism, entitlements, endurance and acceptance.

The best time to start a gratitude journal is Now. Some of the advantages having one are many:
  • Gives you perspective of important and unimportant aspects in your life.
  •  Lowers your Stress levels
  •  Makes you stop and think and focus on what really matters
  •  Self-awareness, you get to know yourself all over again
  •  You can pour your heart out, no one can judge you for your thoughts
  •  On a day with blues, you can read back thru the journal that can readjust your self and remember all the wonderful things and people that has happened in your life.

So start one and plan to write daily for 20 minutes before going to bed, which gives you a down time before going to sleep. Write as many things you want, you are the writer and you are the reader, it is really worth it.

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