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hot jobs for java programming and digital market in 2017

hot jobs for java programming and digital market in 2017

Hot jobs for Java programming and Digital market in 2017

Author : Vikramjith

Date : November 17, 2017

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Are you finding the most ebullient jobs for 2017? In this year java core professionals lead with the highest pack of the CTC of Rs 18.6Lakh followed by professional digital marketing with Rs of 17.09 and lastly testing automation engineers who offered at the CTC of Rs of 14.67Lakh

Here are the highest paying job functions across all experience levels, which includes;

Top 3 functions

Average annual CTC in INR

Rank 1 – Sales – IT

16.7 lakh

Rank 2 – IT professionals

16.1 lakh

Rank 3 – Strategy and consulting

15.6 lakh


High experience levels for paying job faction access

In matters of 2017 salary study research, Human resources have significantly shown that, in the job market engineering, programming, and digital marketing are paying well. It has an excellent and the high demand as it improves the economic growth status of individuals. Higher remuneration covered due to majoring profit margin on compatible job scopes. Those with experience for about ten years in the field of digital programming marketing and engineering fetch a good amount in their salaries.

Some of the high paid jobs include

Core Java programming            Rs 17.09

Digital marketing                      Rs 18.06

Finance console                        Rs 9.64

Solution architect                      Rs 8.95

Product engineering                   Rs 10.80

Android engineering                   Rs 11.4

Hadoop & big data professional   Rs 10.62

In all these well-paying platforms, an experience is paramount. There exists the high level of remuneration since there are highly competitive factors on the job market. The highly qualified personnel dictate the pace at which the revenue salary pick will change. On the field of marketing and sales, those with an advanced scope of computing earn the best since they relate well with technology hence high-profit margin. Still, the purchase and supply chain management helps to increase the cases of industries performance. A research study has shown that over 30% percent of jobs pay over 10 Lakhs on the primary sectors. The FMCG Company has won over a period the modes of paying the high rate on most jobs.

Highest paying jobs function wise city includes

City-wise highest paying job functions



Average annual CTC in INR



1. IT professionals

17.5 lakh

2. Sales – IT

17.4 lakh

3. Sales – BFSI

17.3 lakh





1. IT professionals

17.4 lakh

2. Sales – IT

16.8 lakh

3. Strategy & consulting

16.1 lakh







1.Technical operations (telecom)

17.5 lakh

2. Strategy & consulting

17.2 lakh

3. Sales – BFSI

16.6 lakh

These are some of the great jobs, which fetch a good gross income at Bengaluru Hyderabad and Mumbai one of the big cities in India

  • Information technology, which deals with internet connectivity and automation of the jobs online
  • Strategy consulting, which deals with management and strategic planning
  • Technical operations It deals with the tactical platforms on the systems.

The power systems sectors employ from all level of experiences. It gets an annual average salary of 9.8 Lakhs, Pharmaceuticals and clinical health care with an average premium salary of 8.8 Lakh. The telecommunication industries take the stake of 8.7 Lakhs on the annual gross basis. The most lucrative business has shown an aggregate fetch on the scope of supply. The power system has a great platform, which has ensured the high level of fetch by clients. It depends on some experiences of people since this dictates the level of the profit margin of the company.

High industrial payment by experience

Job loyalty is the preference and enhances the salary parameters to enforce the workforce. It would take consideration in changing the position due to its critical conditions. All employees need compensation on the right structure, which leads the key facets of compatibility on job profile, industrial operations, and experiences. Experience is the teacher to master all jack since it calls at times to malt-task based on modern regency.

The India’s IT capital city, Bengaluru, gives the top  chart of the highest paying city in the country with an average annual CTC paid for talent based  across all levels and functions standing at Rs 14.6 lakh. Next, come at Mumbai, where the average annual salary stands at Rs 14.2 lakh, after which come Hyderabad and NCR with an average annual CTC figure of Rs 13.6 lakh and Rs 13.5 lakh respectively. Chennai (Rs 13.4 lakh), Pune (Rs 13.2 lakh), and Kolkata (Rs 11.4 lakh) are the other three cities named in the study which shows the best trend in job market.

Highest paying industries by experience level

Senior-level talent (15 years+)

Top 3 industries

Average annual CTC in INR

Rank 1 – E-commerce

34.0 lakh

Rank 2 – IT

33.7 lakh

Rank 3 – ITeS

31.6 lakh

Mid-level talent (6-15 years)

Top 3 industries

Average annual CTC in INR

Rank 1 – E-commerce

13.0 lakh

Rank 2 – IT

11.1 lakh

Rank 3 – Telecom

10.9 lakh

Junior-level talent (0-6 years)

Top 3 industries

Average annual CTC in INR

Rank 1 – Parma and healthcare

7.0 lakh

Rank 2 – IT

6.5 lakh

Rank 3 – Power

5.5 lakh


The industries have rank of the senior level middle level and the junior level depending with it years of the experience

In conclusion, the hottest jobs with highest paying modes for 2017 in India include The Java programming works, Marketing platforms digitals and information technology. It all depends on the level of experience, which endorsed to bring longevity in the economic sector entirely. Don’t be left behind get the gist of these new jobs with the highest level of learning.

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