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difference between angularjs 2 and angulajs 4

difference between angularjs 2 and angulajs 4

The prime function of angular js is to eliminate challenges faced while developing single page application. It is a Java script based open front end web application framework maintained by Google.

ANGULAR 2:- this version was more for development of mobile apps, as it makes easier to handle the desktop components of things after the challenges connected to mobile apps.. It is mainly aimed at ES6& "evergreen” modern browsers that automatically update to the most recent version. 

Its main feature Dependency injection is the one that originally differentiates angular from its competitors. 

Dynamic loading was introduced with it, which helps in adding new directors and controls to the fly. There were also various directives made available for angular 2 like:-

A) Component derivative - they made component reusable by encapsulating logic in HTML, CSS & JAVA..

B) Decorator derivative - it is for decorating elements 

C) Template derivative - for turning HTML into a reusable template 

Angular2 helped developers to take fine control on the navigation life cycle. It’s another feature includes logging service knows as diary.js that look where time is being invested in the program.

            In comparison to angular 2, there are a lot of new features & tweaks are included in Angular 4 to improve the old capabilities. 

ANGULAR 4:- it consumes less space and run faster than previous versions. With the introduction of new animation package in angular 4, it enables us to easily find docs and to take advantage of auto-completion. This version is upgraded into a more recent version of Type Script, that enhances the rate of Ngc  that helps in better checking during the program. 

CONCLUSION: - Angular 4 is for more experienced developers,  while angular 2 is a bit confusing for those who are in the learning phase. 

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