What is AngularJS, why is it needed?

Praba Banapur

Jan 26th , 2017

During AngularJs Training in Bangalore they said that angularJs was established in 2009 and it's an open source web application framework kept several individuals forming a community that offers excellent support to its user giving them a wonderful support round the clock as well as Google. AngularJs may be compared to Jquery.

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Exactly why the RHCE is really popular?

Praba Banapur

Feb 7th , 2017

The Red Hat certified engineer (RHCE) is an IT professional accreditation that is now being provided by Red Hat . This certification application was created to impart for development of abilities as well as particular knowledge related to for various Red Hat products like that of system management on Linux on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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Starting a Gratitude Journal, why is it needed?

Praba Banapur

Oct 26th , 2016

Why have one?? in this day and age of the fast & the furious? great analogy, don't you think ? also that’s one of my favorite movie series and the best of Paul Walker. This analogy feels apt to me since we are always in a fast mode in everything and furious if we get slowed down by humps along the way .

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Interpersonal Behavior in Workplaces Important or acquired Skills ??

Praba Banapur

Nov 26th , 2016

According to Phil Livingstone (Senior Marketing Professional. Digital Expert. Top-level strategic thinker and decision-maker) , employers are more into seeking more behavioral and less academic excellence.

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New Trend on LEARNING


Jan 11th , 2017

Traditionally, the IT courses were relaxed and heavily priced, which about 90% of the learners struggling to coordinate with time and money in India. Banks usually give them financial assistance, but it is always pain in the butt (repayment) after getting the job!

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