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a good comparison angularjs vs jquery

a good comparison angularjs vs jquery

Angular JS is a framework based on JavaScript used in developing web applications and websites. The jQuery is a JavaScript library. Hence, comparing a JavaScript framework with a JavaScript library is little peculiar, but it can be forgiven since jQuery is being used by the developers to manipulate the DOM (Document Object Model) with JavaScript since 2006. In 2009, Angular JS made an entry into the web development arena and since then, it is effectively used for developing interactive and dynamic Single Page Applications (SPA’s). Let us first understand about Angular JS & jQuery.

Angular JS

Angular JS is a JavaScript-based front-end framework used in building highly interactive and dynamic SPA’s (Single Page Applications). This framework provides a structured environment for web development and prevents the use of ‘Spaghetti code’, which is a big hindrance in large projects. The developers can achieve more with less code using Angular JS when compared to the coding used in ‘Vanilla JavaScript’ and jQuery.

Angular JS adds these features on top of jQuery:

  • Supports MVC
  • RESTful API
  • Dependency injection
  • Form validation
  • Angular directives (extension to HTML)
  • Templating
  • Two-way data binding

Angular JS abstracts the DOM; it manages event handlers and supports AJAX/JSONP.


The jQuery is a JavaScript-based library used in manipulating DOM and it makes the use of JavaScript on your website easy. JavaScript language is the common choice of web developers for making web pages dynamic and interactive. jQuery uses the complex code which is utilized in making AJAX calls or manipulates DOM by wrapping them into simple methods which can be called with a single line of JavaScript.

Some of the features of jQuery are:

  • Event handling
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • HTML/DOM manipulation
  • Lightweight
  • CSS manipulation
  • Effects and animations

The jQuery can be used in conjunction with Angular JS and other such frameworks as it does not depend on the web technology stack used in developing your web applications and websites. It is significant to note that Angular JS is built with an implementation of jQuery called jqLite.

The jQuery has no structure of its own and hence can be manipulated while using it for developing web apps and websites. Because of lack of structure, it leads to ‘Spaghetti code' which will create confusion in larger projects. Hence, in such situations, Angular JS is a good option in place of jQuery.

Use jQuery when:

  • You need a lightweight and powerful tool for DOM manipulation. The jQuery is a library of codes particularly used in manipulating DOM using JavaScript.
  • Depending on the need for the project it can be used alongside ‘Vanilla JavaScript' to build a website from scratch or can be used with an existing framework as a jQuery plug-in.
  • If you are using jQuery plug-in along with Angular JS application, then you should ensure that data binding within the application is not broken and you must integrate it in a custom Angular directive.
  • Never use a controller to directly call jQuery plug-in as in non-Angular apps.
  • jQuery can be used to add an interesting feature like a slider to your app.
  • It provides for quickly scripting solutions that work to test an idea.

Use Angular JS when:

  • When you want to develop applications from scratch using a fully featured framework like Angular JS.
  • Angular JS makes you completely equipped for developing a complete client side of an application.
  • Use of Angular JS makes your web development process completely organized and modular and prevents a repetition of codes or ‘Spaghetti codes'.
  • Angular JS has advanced features like dependency injection and two-way data binding which help in creating visually beautiful and engaging applications, which would otherwise take months to develop by using Vanilla JavaScript and jQuery.
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