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Why MEAN Stack Development Courses are the Future

Why MEAN Stack Development Courses are the Future

MEAN stack is the acronym name given to a set of JavaScript-based technologies like Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS. The MEAN stack is used in full-stack web development of both websites and web applications. In MEAN stack, Mongo DB is a NoSQL database, which will make businesses agile and scalable. Express JS is a flexible Node JS web application framework which helps in building single, multi-page and hybrid web applications. Angular JS helps in extending HTML vocabulary for your application. Chrome’s JavaScript runtime is used in building the web development platform of Node JS and it helps in building fast and scalable network applications.

MEAN stack is open source software and has many advantages over the traditional LAMP stack development. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP and all these four technologies are used for web development. Linux is the operating system, Apache is a web server, MySQL is a database and PHP is application software in LAMP stack development.LAMP stack development is slowly losing its place to MEAN stack development due to the older technologies involved in LAMP stack. As MEAN stack development involves new JavaScript-based technologies, the IT companies with JavaScript programmers find it easy to adapt to MEAN stack development.

Some of the advantages of MEAN stack over LAMP stack are:

  • Use of Node JS in place of Apache in LAMP stack allows for its use both on Linux operating system and also on Windows OS.
  • The developer can deploy the application directly to the server instead of deploying to a stand-alone server by using Node JS in place of Apache in MEAN stack.
  • Node JS of MEAN stack is highly flexible and simple when compared to the other technologies of LAMP stack used in web development.
  • Node JS is faster and scalable when compared to LAMP stack due to its non-blocking architecture.
  • Using Mongo DB helps in the easy development of applications, which can be developed, tested and hosted in the cloud. It comes equipped with automatic sharding and full cluster support, which is not there in case of MYSQL in LAMP stack.
  • Use of Node JS makes the web development process easy by using all in one JavaScript-based language and all in one pile of logic. As it creates a single layer in MEAN stack, it creates fewer bugs and provides a clean architecture when compared to LAMP stack.
  • MEAN stack allows for isomorphic coding which is not there in LAMP stack. The codes written for Mongo DB can also be used in Angular JS, Express JS and Node JS. With only JavaScript language experts,you can program the entire MEAN stack development cycle.
  • MEAN stack makes use of JSON for data flow through all the layers of the web development and there is no need for reformatting as it passes through each layer and makes working with external API’s much easier when compared to LAMP stack.
  • Node JS offers better performance and is faster due to its event-driven architecture and it makes your application perform better and faster when compared to LAMP stack.
  • Node JS package manager (NPM) makes it easy in sharing code and thus helping in the growth of public repositories targeting Node JS. Node JS is getting stronger day by day in libraries when compared to LAMP stack.

Why is MEAN stack Course a technology to learn for the future?

  • From client site to server site, MEAN stack development makes use of the same code.
  • MEAN stack is open source software, which accelerates the application development and makes the process simple.
  • Using Node JS, deploying applications is easy and simple as the required version of the web server is clearly defined along with the rest of runtime dependencies.
  • Mongo DB allows for speedy addition, deletion or editing of data as it does not need any predefined database schemas and rules to establish field regulations.
  • The apps developed with MEAN stack run smoothly with reduced time for page loading due to the use of single programming language like JavaScript.
  • MEAN stack can run on multiple operating systems like Windows, MAC OS and Linux due to the use of Node JS.

With numerous advantages that MEAN stack offers, it is advisablefor professionals and students to take up MEAN stack development course at one of the reputed institutes in Bangalore to become a full-fledged full stack developer. Be Practical is one such institute located in Basaveshwaranagar in Bangalore. It is one of the top ten technology institutes in Bangalore.

What Be Practical offers?

  • An in-depth industry-relevant course content regarding MEAN stack development and all the four related technologies like Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS.
  • Flexible batch timings both during weekdays and weekend.
  • Experienced MEAN stack trainers with 5+ years of industry experience and excellent teaching capability.
  • State-of-the-art labs with in-depth practical exposure to MEAN stack development.
  • Expert designed MEAN stack development course at affordable costs.

Hence, join Be Practical for doing your MEAN stack development course to become a successful MEAN stack developer and achieve accolades in the field of web development to develop websites and web applications making use of MEAN stack.

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