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Which is Better, Being a Full stack Developer or a Front end developer?

Which is Better, Being a Full stack Developer or a Front end developer?

Which is Better, Being a Full-stack Developer or a Front-end developer?

Author : Alakananda

Date : Feb -14, 2018

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A full-stack developer works on both front-end and back-end process of web development. The front-end comprises the graphical interactions of a user or is called as user-side and the back-end refers to server-side operations like servers, host-configurations and database integrations. In simple words, front-end refers to the presentation layer and back-end refers to data access layer in the web development process. Hence, we can infer that front-end developers work only on the graphical interaction or presentation layer or user-side of a web-development project.

Full-stack developer vs Front-end developer

  • A skilled full-stack developer can handle both front-end processes and back-end processes of a web development project. But front-end developer can handle only the presentation layer or graphical interactions of a web development project.
  • A full-stack developer can handle an entire project on his own including back-end and front-end. He can also launch the finished website or web application on a resource like AWS cloud. But front-end developer can only handle the user-end or front-end processes of a web development project and cannot handle a project single-handedly.
  • As full-stack development involves more technologies and skills when compared to front-end development, full-stack developers are paid more handsome salaries when compared to front-end developers.
  • In full stack development, you have different sets of technologies to learn like dot net full stack, PHP full stack, mobile full stack and MEAN stack development. But in front-end development you learn only technologies related to front-end like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS, React JS, Ionic, Node JS, Phone Gap and others.
  • IT companies prefer hiring full-stack developers as they can handle an entire web development project independently when compared to front-end developers who can only deal with front-end processes of a web development project.
  • With the use of remarkable creativity (front-end) and the right use of problem-solving skills through coding (back-end), a full-stack developer displays comprehensive technical and creative skills. But in case of front-end, there is less coding and more of designing which only nurtures creativity as against problem-solving skills.


By pondering over above points, you can infer that becoming a full-stack developer is the best option for a potential web developer when compared to becoming a front-end developer. Full-stack development is both professionally rewarding and also challenging for budding web developers. You can also realize your dream of getting a high-paying and respectable job by becoming a full-stack developer. Being a full stack developer you can be a jack of all trades in web development process and can be a tech-expert who is highly sought after in the web industry. Through website design and coding you will be able to satiate both your creative urge and problem-solving need and you can ultimately develop stunning websites for your client.


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