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How to get a job in a different field than your degree

How to get a job in a different field than your degree

With no surprise, by the time students complete their studies; their ambitions may shift to something outside of your major degree. It is very natural for a student to change their career direction after he/she graduates. It can at times be tricky at times, especially if you are trying out a new field. There could be many reasons for the same.

Now that the child as already decided and know what they don’t want to do, they need to think about how to divide the job search. Firstly, you need to identify which industries are hiring and what are the skills that are in demand. As the hiring companies are not much worried about what your major was rather what they care more about the fact that you have a college degree. Also, how you convince the employer that you’re worth hiring, you need to prove that you’re knowledgeable about what’s going on in the field. One should stay current by subscribing to company newsletters, reading industry media outlets and following prospective employers on social media.

Secondly, you need to find out that whether you qualify/ meet the basic requirements to get hired in that particular industry. Because if you are looking to change the industry entirely, then you might have to take college courses before you actually apply for the job. You may also look to do some general liberal arts courses—and those classes equipped you with some universal skills like writing, problem-solving, verbal communication and organization. If you took a leadership role on a class project, you may even have some project management skills in your back pocket. These transferable skills make you pretty marketable to employers. Luckily, for 90% of the opportunities, you don’t need to do any additional course/ training.

Thirdly, you need to network a lot. This can be done by tapping your school’s alumni database and learn more about the industry that you wish to enter in. You may also join professional associations and attend industry events to help build your network. Also, if you are looking for a job at other cities, don’t hesitate to do interviews by Skype or phone.

Finally, your resume must be made according to the new field. Don’t make the practice of sending out the same resume for each job you apply for. When applying for a job in a different field, it’s very important that you create a resume that highlights your ability to complete the job functions. It is also recommended to see, what skills are mentioned in job postings and then design your cover letter according to each position.

Nevertheless, there are some companies who want your attitude, some who want your skills or knowledge, some might want only your hands for meaningless physical work, and some the brand of a company or institute your previously were at. So, keeping in mind, what we discussed above one can easily find a job in a different field than your major degree.

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