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Get job engineering no experience

Finding your first job is never easy. There are companies who are eager to find the right candidates with right mix of technical skills and practical experience in specific areas to make their businesses grow. Let us discuss a few advices that would help undergraduates/graduates struggling to find employment or work experience.

  1. No one is born with work experience. Once your Engineering degree is done, look for getting some work experience through one or more of these:
  2. a) Full-time job b) Part time job c) Internship d) Work for free e) Doing something on your own
  3. Free online tutorials or courses are available these days from reputed institutions like MIT, IIT, Stanford and many more on websites like,,, etc. These sites even help you get freelancing work after doing some of the courses.
  4. Before giving an interview, make sure you know your basics well. The interviewer will be able to catch you very easily if you are bluffing.
  5. Filling up the application form correctly is yet another point of consideration. Understand your job role (i.e. position you are applying for) and configure the application to that.
  6. Consider working with smaller companies also. You will often have more opportunities and responsibility to learns and grow as compared tobig companies. Gaining experience should be the ultimate objective.
  7. You may even try to find a role that lets you develop skills which can later be transferred to engineering. (For example one can switch from software testing to software development). Moving in the career would lead to greater job opportunities rather than waiting for your ideal job.
  8. On the other hand, you can also create your own projects or contribute to any open source projects, etc.
  9. To add to your CV you may learn a language, join sports, volunteer for a cause, do anything outside of your comfort zone, be a member of clubs or committees.Networking is important: attending careers fairs and presentations are good starting points.
  10. Any experience is preferable to having no experience at all. Applying to jobs in related field/ sectors or even developing your soft skills in an unrelated sector it helps boost your CV. You may also be surprised to discover another area of interest.
  11. Have clarity on the exact job role you wish to work for. It is easy to move forward even if you have short-term work experience in a company as once people see your work your desirability increases. Take every opportunity to network: a lot of getting a placement is who you know not what you know.
  12. Be flexible to relocate around the country to find the right job opportunity.
  13. After the interview, always try to take a feedback from the employers. As it is good to know where you can improve.
  14. Yet another way to get a job is to get referred by your friends who work at existing engineering firms / large companies relevant to your field
  15. Finally, You can also talk to your department at your school and/or career services find out about companies which hired graduates from your school in your field. They'll be good places to go, especially if you can get one of the alumni to refer you or Campus recruiting at your school solves that with guaranteed interviews.
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