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AngularJS Application Can Become Faster by Implementing These 7 Tips

AngularJS Application Can Become Faster by Implementing These 7 Tips

Angular JS is termed as a framework for building dynamic web applications. Angular JS is quite popular among web developers as it is fully extensible and compatible with other libraries without much effort. The Angular JS development environment is very simple and readable. But sometimes, it is not so fast and hence below given are 7 tips to speed up Angular JS web applications.

  1. Watchers & Bindings

You should judiciously use functions in watchers & bindings of Angular JS applications. If you want a faster Angular JS application then never bind anything strictly to a function or watch a function result directly. It is inferred through experience that functions always run in a digest cycle and they will hamper the speed of your Angular JS application.

  1. Use of Batarang

Batarang gives you freedom from long sleepless nights that you spend in front of your computer for developing Angular JS applications. It is a Chrome extension used in developing and debugging of Angular JS applications.                                               

Batarang Can Do:

  • See the scope with attached models.
  • You can develop your own dependency graphs.
  • Application performance can be analyzed.

An application will become slow if it has too many custom directives and has complex logic. Batarang helps by detecting the functions which spend too much time in the call. A watch tree is displayed by Batarang which comes in handy when you are using a large number of watchers.

  1. Filters

Filters should not be used by developers while developing Angular JS applications as they run two times in every digest cycle. Filters run twice, when something is changed and second time for collecting the future changes. In addition, they will not delete any parts from the computer memory; they will only mask the filtered items with CSS.

  1. Complex Algorithms & Memory

Time complexity of algorithms will affect the speed of Angular JS applications. The more comparisons the application has, the slower it will be. You can prefer binary search as against linear search as the latter requires more comparisons to process the same data when compared to binary search.                              

One more thing that affects the speed of Angular JS applications is the free memory space. Computers require memory space to run code of large programs. If your solution demands more memory, much slower will be the program. You must ensure that you have enough memory in your computer to run your software solutions.

  1. Manual Testing

Manual testing is a slowing factor in case of Angular JS applications. Each time you have to launch the application you have to do manual testing. Hence use tools like ngMock, DI which will allow testing of the application during development itself. There are two such tools which might be of interest to you:  

Protractor – For bigger projects you need to use integration tests, which will be more effective. Protractor tests the application by mimicking the interaction with the user. It has the best API with descriptions of the various interaction scenarios and it uses the Jasmine framework for writing the tests. This tool also effectively handles the problems with the digest loops as it is deeply familiar with the internal organization of Angular JS.

Karma – The developers of Angular JS have developed the test runner Karma. Every time the source file is changed, Karma can be utilized to test the application. It runs in multiple browsers at a time and the server of Karma can accept different tools in order to obtain complete coverage of the actual usage scenarios.

  1. Arrays in JavaScript

In Angular JS applications, arrays perform faster when compared to objects and it is wise to use numeric arrays when compared to non-numeric objects. From experience, it is inferred that object with minimum number of properties works faster. Hence the default option which has the special representation provides minimum number of properties for objects. JavaScript has an option which lets you to mix types in an array, but it should not be used often as it will slow down your Angular JS application.

  1. Garbage Collector

Create credible variables and use them judiciously if you do not want your application to reach doom. Build your variables such that the garbage collector has the maximum work. Garbage collector is a tool which continuously frees memory and makes the solution run faster.

One more thing you can do to make your Angular JS application faster is to avoid calls within a loop. Use it only when there is no other solution at hand.

By adopting the above seven tips you will make your Angular JS applications faster and better. They will also help you in optimizing your applications. What you need is a bit of concentration and implementation of these tips to achieve your project goal. Give enough consideration for pre planning and implementation strategies.

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