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About Us

Trained 5000+ People in 150+ Trainings since 2012

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Be-Practical is a training organization based in Bangalore and USA and it has pioneered as a diversified entrepreneurship tapping into the necessities of internet market in India, with its in-depth understanding of consumer or company’s needs to evolve and grow. It is one of the multiple training organizations of technical and non-technical languages for IT and Non-IT sectors. It is also training partner of Google, Microsoft and Cisco.

Be-Practical was established in 2012.  All working here  for the growth of the company since its establishment. The Be-Practical group has realized the power of digital media through the sale of an earlier venture using search engine optimization (SEO). After understanding the demand from the market for various technical languages, they decided to create a formal training program and now it is well-known to many people.

With the diversified market demand, Be-Practical has been successfully venturing in various courses in IT and Non-IT, setting benchmarks as a training institute, in software development, in web development and software products. With the traits like innovation, imagination and experience, it has grown and established in these branches. Be Practical has successfully left its footprint in the field of IT training and software development and has effectively created its branding as the best in Bangalore.

As of December 2016, Be-Practical had trained over 10,000 professionals and students across India by conducting more than 600 training programs. Be-Practical has also got online training programs for people in remote areas, who cannot attend the regular classes.

The courses like Angular JS, Digital marketing, Cloud computing, PHP, CCNA, Linux, MCSA,, MVC, Vmware are mainly dealt with here. Students also get customized courses from Certified Instructors before the candidate is deployed onto the project. Project Mentoring from Be-practical at Campus is offered for the Students who are looking to hone and perfect their programming skills. The company provides Diploma Certificates for students once they completed their courses.

We welcome you to join us, get focused on what is your dream job, gain knowledge, and experience needed to start a career and be successful in getting a job in one of the top rated IT companies. We are proud of our accomplishments as one of the best training institutes in Bangalore.


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Certification Program in Digital Marketing is broken down into manageable modules, most of which include either exercises or case studies for you to work through. EXPERIENCED TRAINERS Our trainers are highly qualified and offer extensive knowledge


Our trainers are highly qualified and offer extensive knowledge in their area of expertise.


Your access to online courses training right at your fingertips. Our courses are designed for professionals seeking methods to reach their goals in their career.


We offer 100% Placement assistance to our candidates who complete the training successfully. Our wide network of companies and their requirement facilitate our candidates to seek jobs in their desired field.


Be-practical offers competitive and extensive packages for training. We are proud to be quality training at affordable prices


We offer our expertise in overcoming inhabitations about interviews, train our candidates to be competent, confident and knowledgeable to handle their interviews successfully.

Advanced Training

Advanced training is the training in-depth with hands on experience across latest technological domains.


Advanced Digital Marketing, works with talented professionals who want to advance their business scope and job seekers on the secure platforms. 

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Diploma in Full Stack Development is an intensive training provided in Be Practical, which covers  Java script programming , Angularjs, PHP.

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Advanced Cloud Computing course at Be Practical aims to provide computing services over cloud database.

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